RAK International Corporate Centre is responsible for the registration and incorporation of International Business Companies, as well as providing a full suite of Registry services related to International Business Company activity. RAK International Corporate Centre is a modern, world class Company Registry operating in full compliance with international standards and best practices in the International Business Company formation industry.


Benefits of RAK Offshore

  • Absolute Privacy and Confidentiality. Shareholder, directors and secretaries cannot be seen in a public register. An extra layer of confidentiality can be found when corporate or nominee directors, secretaries or shareholders are being used.
  • 100 % foreign ownership of company
  • 0% personal and corporate taxation
  • No annual audit required
  • Fast and easy incorporation within 24 hours
  • Ability to maintain Bank accounts in the UAE




Offshore Company may be used as a Holding Company for a multitude of activities which may include holding freehold properties in Dubai as approved by JAFZA, tax mitigation, estate planning and asset protection. It is possible to hold Dubai property and other assets in privacy through a Dubai offshore structure. Further, on obtaining a ‘Certificate of Incorporation’, a bank account can be opened to park excess liquidity. In fact, starting from January 2011, the land department in Dubai (RERA) will register only those properties purchased through an Offshore Entity which is registered with Jebel Ali Offshore Authority under JAFZA only.


Benefits of JAFZA Offshore

  • No corporate or income tax payment
  • 100% return of profit
  • Offshore companies can own property in designated areas
  • Allowed to hold shares in UAE free zone companies and LLC
  • Allowed to own properties anywhere in UAE
  • Ability to conduct business within Middle East, outside UAE
  • Allowed to open a branch and a representative office in UAE 



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